Thinking Inside the Container: DockerCon Talk and the Story So Far

Over the past several months I’ve published six articles that discuss using Docker and Jenkins to containerize a build farm. Recently, I went on the road to tell the story at DockerCon 2016 and gathered a tremendous amount of amazing feedback. In fact, the best part of this whole experience has been the conversations we’re having with folks encountering similar challenges. In this short post, I’d like to accomplish two things: share the video of my DockerCon talk, and respond to requests we’ve received to consolidate my articles into a single place.

My DockerCon talk digs into the motivations and lessons learned from this evolution of our build farm, leaving the specifics of exactly ‘how’ to my blog posts. The Docker folks were nice enough to post a recording of the presentation, which is about 45 minutes long including questions and answers:



If you have any thoughts on the talk I’d certainly love to hear them. And if you’re curious about DockerCon, I’d like to give a shout out to the many great presenters that talked about a wide range of container related subjects. I highly recommend checking out Docker’s two posts that present talks from this year’s conference.

My series of posts here began with a detailed conversation about some of the same challenges we faced and continues into a series of tutorials and discussions about how we implemented solutions. The series is designed as an introduction to Docker as well as Jenkins - if you’re a master of those already, you might want to read just articles 1, 6 and 7.

  1. Thinking Inside The Container

  2. Putting Jenkins Into a Docker Container  

  3. Docker Jenkins and Data That Persists

  4. Jenkins, Docker, Proxies and Compose

  5. Taking Control of Your Docker Image

  6. Building with Jenkins Inside an Ephemeral Docker Container

  7. Tutorial: Building With Jenkins Inside an Ephemeral Docker Container

If you want to just jump right in, you can head over to my public Github Repo and grab the latest files from Tutorial #7 right here:



As always, if you have questions or comments don’t hesitate to post them below!

Posted by Maxfield Stewart